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Stem Cell Therapy:
Depression and Suicide

Depression and suicide are a much larger problem than many people realize. In fact, at least one third of Americans are dealing with depression right now, and suicide is one of the top ten causes of death in America today. Emotions are the feelings that make life worth living, and, if you’re living with depression or thoughts of suicide, it can seem like life loses all meaning and purpose.

Depression and suicide are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. The traditional treatments for those suffering with depression and thoughts of suicide have revolved around talk therapy in an effort to get to the underlying feelings that cause these problems. While talk therapies and prescription drugs might help control the symptoms of depression or suicidal thinking, they aren’t a cure.

The real problem is biological. An imbalance of neurotransmitters—the cells that are designed to carry messages in the brain and stabilize mood—is the cause of most depression and suicidal thinking. These cells just aren’t firing correctly. If the problem is with the cells, then you need a cure on a cellular level.

Stem cell therapy offers hope for the millions of Americans suffering with depression and suicidal thinking. It’s an answer where once there were only short-term fixes and surface treatments. Because stem cell therapy goes directly to the source of the problem—the imbalance of neurotransmitter cells—it can create long-term healing for anyone dealing with the disease of depression.

How can stem cell therapy treat depression and suicidal thinking?

Stem cells are the basic building blocks for every type of cell in the body. They’re the body’s natural healing mechanism. They can mimic the function of any cell in the body, taking on that cell’s job and recreating health in areas that have been damaged or are experiencing dysfunction. In this way, stem cell therapy can cure virtually any disease known to man. Stem cell therapy treats depression and suicide by working on the damaged neurotransmitter cells. Getting down to the cellular level creates health in place of the chemical imbalances that are causing your depression and possible suicidal thinking. Because all disease ultimately occurs on the cellular level, stem cell therapy can cut disorder out at the root rather than just masking the symptoms.

Doctors take healthy stem cells and use them to create new, healthy cells in the areas that are being treated. They transplant these stem cells from the patient’s own body. They literally use these healthy stem cells to change the hardwiring of the imbalanced cells.

Stem cell therapies have been in use for years. They aren’t a science fiction story. Doctors are performing stem cell therapies every day. If you or someone you love is suffering with depression or threatening suicide, it’s important to get help. Stem cell therapy, unlike any other form of depression therapy available, can change your life for good. Why mask the problem when there is a cure available? You can choose to fight the depression and find recovery.

It is my purpose to provide you with that cure. I work directly with doctors and hospitals around the country to find the stem cell therapy that will best treat your depression or thoughts of suicide. Depression is a confusing and tiring struggle, but you don’t have to continue to struggle alone. Let me guide you toward stem cell therapies that will give you a new life—a life full of hope, happiness, and possibility. This is the power of stem cell therapy. Contact me today to find out more about how stem cell therapies can help you.

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