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Stem Cell Therapy:
Addiction and Alcoholism

As humans strive to evolve into healthier, happier beings, we’re seeking out ways to solve old problems and move toward optimum wellness. Drug addiction and alcoholism are two of these problems. Addiction wrecks the lives of all who are touched by its devastating ramifications. It isn’t just the drug addict or the alcoholic who suffers; their friends, family, and loved ones feel the effects as well.

Drug addiction and alcoholism have long been recognized as diseases. Evidence has shown that genetic factors are a major contributing component to addiction and alcoholism. Traditionally, treatments have focused on the “addictive personality,” but this provides and incomplete picture of full recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have a different physical reaction to addictive substances than the average person. For example, while most people experience a sedating effect when they consume alcohol, an alcoholic will feel energized. Their body literally runs on alcohol. This different physical reaction cannot be explained by the “addictive personality.” Instead, it is caused by a chemical difference in the body of the alcoholic. Therapies or twelve step programs cannot treat this chemical difference.

This difference is caused by genetic differences within the body of the alcoholic or addict. What’s the answer? To find a cure to these diseases of addiction, a cure will have to happen on the cellular level.

Thanks to the medical advances made with stem cell therapies, it can.

How can stem cell therapies help addiction and alcoholism?

Stem cell therapies treat genetic diseases such as alcoholism and drug addiction at their source. Stem cells are the most basic cells in the body. Their function is to rebuild and heal dysfunction and disorder; they can be used to create healthy cells in situations where genetic pre-dispositions cause destruction. By taking healthy stem cells and transplanting them into the infected area, doctors can cause changes in brain and body chemistry that offer a key to healing problems such as alcoholism and drug addiction.

How does stem cell therapy work? Healthy stem cells are literally able to change how our brain chemistry works. When healthy stem cells are transplanted into the damaged area (in this case, the area of the brain that controls impulses and chemical reactions to substances), they begin to rebuild that area without the previous cellular dysfunction. In the case of alcoholism and drug addiction, this means that the wiring that causes physical addiction can be changed.

Our cells are in a constant process of dying and being replaced. When individual cells mutate and malfunction, they regenerate malfunctioning cells just like themselves. These malfunctions eventually make their way to our larger body, causing us to age or experience disease. Stem cells are fresh new cells without mutations that reorient the affected area of the body toward equilibrium, thus creating healing.

These advances in medical science are happening now. If you or someone you love suffers with addiction or alcoholism, there is help available through stem cell therapies. Doctors are performing these procedures every day, and it is my purpose to bring you the answers you need as you search for a cure.

I work directly with doctors to find the stem cell therapy that will treat your alcoholism or drug addiction. I can give you all the information you’ll need as you begin your journey toward recovery. While it might feel as if you’re trapped in a hopeless situation, the truth is, there is hope and healing available if you take steps in the right direction. Stem cell therapy is that direction. When you contact me, I can help you start that process and bring a sense of purpose and meaning back into your life. Let me be the helping hand you’re looking for. Contact me today to find out how stem cell therapies can help you overcome your addiction and get you back on track toward a healthy, happy life

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